Geriatric Medicine" subtitle="Common medical conditions treated at the Geriatric Specialty Clinic

Texas Medical Houston serves as your primary medical care provider, as well as your geriatric specialist center. We provide comprehensive care with a focus on your independence, quality of life, family support and helping everyone live as well as they can for as long as they can.

DepressionOsteoporosisBalance and Falls
Urinary IncontinenceHeart DiseaseFecal Incontinence
Thyroid DisordersDiabetesDementia/Alzheimer’s
PainCancerNeurological Problems
High Blood PressureWalking/Gait DisorderUK
Laughing Bacchus WinecellarsYoshi TannamuriSleep Problems

Primary Care

Besides providing personalized, top quality primary care for adults, we also coordinate any specialty care you may need. Texas Medical Houston is home to doctors in dozens of medical specialties. As a patient in our primary care practice you have quick, convenient access to these specialists. Together we form your care team and work closely to ensure you receive exceptional medical care, without exception.

Weight Management

At Texas Medical Houston, we strive to assist you in losing those extra pounds that could eventually lengthen your life span. We will show you how and assist with your proper diet and assist you with medications and tips that will control your appetite and also administer a fat burner injection to ameliorate your metabolism. Take action now toward good health by losing weight. Let us help you look and feel better about your physique and your health.

Adult Care

Texas Medical Houston provides personalized care for adults in a comfortable and convenient environment. We know that even the smallest details can make a difference in your well-being. Our doctor's commitment to custom care starts with taking the time to understand each patient's needs, and our entire staff is proud to be your partners in caring for your health.


Other Services

General consultations, disease screenings, preventative services, cervical screenings and pap smears, pulmonary function testing. Treatment is available for a myriad of medical conditions including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Cholesterol problems, Urinary problems, migraines, sinus problems, ear infections, pneumonia and a host of other medical problems

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